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Official Translation

Translation of documents that require an official certification in order to be presented at Spanish official institutions and authorities, including: court judgements, contracts, powers of attorney, deeds of incorporation, annual accounts, company agreements, articles of association, birth certificates, certificates of criminal record, certificate of marital status, death certificates, passports, police reports, last wills, marriage certificates.


We provide professionals specialised in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Additionally, we also provide telephone interpreting.

General Translation

Translation of all kinds of documents and subject matters which do not require an official certification, including: web pages, claims and complaints, notary documents, land registry documents, powers of attorney, minutes of meetings, deeds, advertisements, contracts, informative medical reports, marketing content, scientific articles, literary documents, annual accounts, restaurant menus, tourist guides.

Proofreading and Correction of Texts

Proofreading of previously translated texts where the quality of the translation is in question or simply to confirm that everything is accurately translated and suitable for the intended purpose.

Specialised Translation

We specialise in the translation of medical, legal and technical documents, including: hospital admission and release reports, clinical reports, medical and laboratory reports; statements, manuals.

Market Research

We have extended experience in the translation of questionnaires to be used for market research purposes and we provide a support team for your research projects.

Languages most requested:

Nordic Languages0%
Asian Languages0%

The Team

At AZA Translation our most valuable asset is our team of professionals. Our business relies primarily on our in-house translation resource and a vast team of outsourced native professional translators, who are highly qualified and experienced and have in-depth knowledge of the cultural environment of the country for which the document is intended.

Sonia Aza

Managing Director and Translator.

With a Master of Arts with Distinction in Applied Translation, a Doctorate and a Degree in English Language and Literature, and vast experience in medical, legal and market research translation, Sonia is a translation enthusiast. She is a positive- thinker and proactive and her energy and vocation are never-ending.

Managing Team

Ana Lucía Martín

Administration and Project Coordination.
With a Diploma in Tourism and a Degree as a Tour Guide, a Diploma in English for Business and German for General Use, with vast experience in project coordination and market research, Ana is kind and close and able to organise any task.

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